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Filling machine 16 heads

A&B Packing G2 Evolution

The G2 Evolution series of machines is the new generation in weighing and filling technology. With 16 heads, no other machine in the world can come close to the flexibility and versatility of the G2 Evolution. With its capacity to pack up to 240 Clamshell of 125 grams per minute. Even more important than the G2's versatility is its ability to be fast and efficient. The G2 has redefined what it means to be the new generation of weighing and filling technology.

Features and Benefits G2 Evolution:
• Suspended touch screen controls to increase operator ergonomics
• New runway with shock absorption
• Exclusive (3) belt cross feed system with decreasing speeds
• Advanced quick clamp flow settings
• New funnel system easy to clean
• Improved corrosion resistance
• Pack 4.4 oz to 4 lb containers
• Able to pack up to 240 Clamshell per minute
• Remote assistance available
• Log file and available data tracking
• Programmable profiles
• Solid state electronics
• Stainless steel construction
• New advanced speed and positioning controls
• Wedge wheel defogger system
• Multiple Nester head configurations for faster changes
• Easy adjustments for cup guide rails
• Easy adjustments for height changes
• Multiple auto-close configurations for faster changes
• Easy to clean
• Stainless steel construction

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