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Integral Service

Blueberry Process

Our comprehensive service for packaging, cold and dispatch of blueberries, involves a meticulous and professional treatment throughout the process chain.


This process includes in the first stage reception, unloading and weighing, quality control carried out before entering the fruit to packing, gasification process (if required by the client), entry of the fruit to the pre-cold tunnel to lower as soon as possible Field temperature possible, then entry to cold chambers for raw material awaiting process.


In a second stage and according to the programs required and delivered by the client, the process of selection and packing of the fruit is carried out in 2 lines of operation; one optical and the other conventional in the formats already designated above, all this in a packing room with a room and a warehouse for the assembly of boxes heated to avoid lowering the cold chain already acquired by the fruit.


Once the fruit is packed, it is finally entered into the pre-cold tunnels at 0º and then stored in chambers at 0º, waiting for its subsequent SAG inspection and dispatch.

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