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Fruitland SpA., Is a company created by a group of visionary entrepreneurs and blueberry producers from the Linares area, Maule Region, who, supported through a Corfo Associative Development Program, undertook at the beginning of 2006 the challenge of materializing an agro-industrial project that would allow to process, pack and commercialize in an optimal way both its own fruit and that coming from potential external clients to be captured.

Currently Fruitland SpA has state-of-the-art machinery, which allows it to have a processing and dispatch capacity of packed fruit of more than 1,500 tons.


The general and strategic guidelines of the company are established by a Board of Directors, made up of 5 Directors, who are the representatives of the owners of the company, plus two Account Inspectors or advisers. Each of them lasts 2 years in office, as does the Chairman of the Board, who is chosen from among the Directors themselves.


The daily administration and operational control of the company is in charge of a Plant Manager, who is accompanied by a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified people in their different areas of competence. In this way, plant personnel consider the following areas among their permanent positions:


- Administration

- Packing

- Informatic and tecnology

- Human resource

- Maintenance


Additionally, the company has a series of permanent specialized consultancies in technical, productive, legal, financial and tax matters, among others.


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